Infinite Star-Light Offering Visionary Ecovillages
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brother Little-Star * Thakar Sevadar, POB 1086, Ben Lomond, CA 95005-1086.
Phone 831-425-3334 Fax 831-469-9160
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I seek to network with Kindred-Spirits vegan/vegie with pure lifestyle devoid of intoxicants [no alcohol, smoking, drugs, nor slavery of domesticated animals.] Wish to befriend suchlike compatible comrades of Heart, co-op work together making Peace-Loving EcoVillages exemplifying Humble Wisdom of Universal Truth combined with True-Living simple and natural upon the Earth harmoniously; to fulfill Life's Purpose; facilitate ultimate Liberation of Souls! 
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Little-Star * seeks live-in childcare "au-pair" position 
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