Picture of Holy-Hovering Fantastically-Flying Fabulously-Floating Royally-Rising Divinely-Descending Angelically-Ascending true real Living super-hero without cape, a divine heavenly being beyond angel-hood but with invisible wings-of Love. Photo of spiritual super-hero pure vegan Star*man light and lithe as a magical half-elfin angelic Saint compassionately humbly heroically descending from pure perfect blissfull higher-than-heavenly realms the purely spiritual regions, the highest spiritual planes, to alight upon the California coast in this one human life to save all souls/humanity/life on planet earth merely via his awesome sacred holy divine presence and sublte good vibes emanations of his higher conscious awareness which any genuine truth-seeking humans may tune in to raise their consciousness becoming vegan pure vegetarian sans domestic-animals, eschewing all drugs/alcohol/smoking then help star * co-create world-wide network of many pure vegan ecovillage lands as refuge sanctuaries for tender senstive meek good kind gentle people choosing the sacred pure holy vegan lifestyle which also saves the world by fine example worthy of emulation on larger scale of all humanity which would surely and certainly result in peaceful safe healthy happy peaceful heavenly paradise on planet earth. upon such a pleasant planet souls may seek and find espoteric mystical spiritual connection whereby they may fly home as soul to purely spiritual reams thereby fulfilling purpose of human life.


Works of Brother Little*Star

Shine Upon All Blissfully
by Brother Little*Star

Angels hover high Above
and see things others do not see
from their Enlightened Viewpoint Love
all Good is in Harmony

their inner ear is acute to Hear
the Divine Symphony
confusions appear, but to their Hearts near
Angels hold Simplicity !

amidst concrete squares, they're free of cares
unattached, naturally !
their vision is fair, they're quite aware
of the Soul's Eternity !

not a book by cover, do they judge any Lover
they're in awe of Essential Beauty
as we're apt to discover, when insight recover
seeking Truth our solemn Duty.

the Angels are right, you're a Being of Light
enshrouded in Earthly body.
skin black or white, same Soul takes flight
safe in Good Lord's company

God's in control, Saints timeless extol
what need is there to worry?
study Science of Soul, become again Whole
Living Life spiritually !

continually amazed, at the miracles raised
existing in perpetual glee !
devotees aren't phased, as long as God's Praised
from Within they are Always Happy !

oh what rapturous joy, for each girl and boy
is awaiting so patiently
for each Soul that is coy, to unite as alloy
with the One Love Heavenly !

Poet can't write forever, no matter how clever
the vessel may appear to be.
but nescience can't sever, the Compassion Endeavor
setting every Beloved Soul Free !

not a fruit hits the ground, that's not cycled around
to heart receptivity.
not a Soul that is bound, will be left unfound
by the Source of Creativity !

for swifty revealed, is the Magic that Healed
every Saint in history.
who once was a sinner, a humble beginner
in the farest and finest Journey !

now this Poem is done, yes it was fun
it came to Be Wonderfully
The Love~Power is One, as the Rays of the Sun
Shine upon All Blissfully !

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